Wall Art

Display your favorite works of KOAN art proudly

All images are available on multiple products, but we’ve gathered some that we think show them off especially well. Each can be further customized before purchase.

In the Beginning

Simple, elegant lines that invite peace and calm as they remind us that we are all beings of light making our way in the universe.

Sage’s Pride

Sage on their path, weighing possible futures, possible selves.

Be at their Best

Riding the wave of Being all the way to the shores of revelation.

Kan Profile

Kan in can-do mode. Kan on their way to take care of business. Kan is galvanized by purpose.

Kan Driven

Kan bringing order to their world brings order to Kan. There is an infinite amount of ordering that can be accomplished. No end to the perfecting of any system.

Sage at their Best

Sage needs nothing more than Sage is. Sage has left behind highs and lows. Neither follower nor leader. Neither wise nor foolish.


First there must be peace; then visions may come but they will be unnecessary.


We are wrapped, like mummies, away from the world, in the gauze of our ideas. There must be some way through, however.

Shadow of Mortality

The blue tigers of the other world and the minstrels and ne’er do wells of this world occasionally cross paths.

Breath is the Engine

Life is the track. Breath is the engine. Heaven is the destination.

Recognition of Affinities

Like seeks like. Water seeks water. Spirit seeks spirit. What I am, that is seeking me. What you are, that is seeking you.

Portrait of the Artist

The artist and the art are one. And sometimes they are two. But they are always together and never apart. This was a vow they had made long ago.