Bring the spirit of KOAN to your everyday life.

Bring your favorite works of KOAN art with you wherever you go.

All images are available on multiple products, but we’ve gathered some that we think show them off especially well. Each can be further customized before purchase.

Exhalation Yoga Mat

First the revelation then the crystalization. First the lighting of understanding, then the thunder of jubilation. First the om then the little blue star of insight.

Tall Sage Yoga Mat

Tall sage closer to the ceiling of the sky. Feet on the ground. Sturdy foundation, whatever the aspiration.

Star in Stillness Yoga Mat

Elevated with feet on the ground. Revelation in stillness.

By Dint of Will Carry-all Pouch

The elephant of the Will pushing the light of the dawn up, and over, the line of the horizon.

Birth and Death in the Same Mirror Carry-all Pouch

A rose seed falls to earth. The rose blooms. That rose was I. Somewhere nearby another seed falls. That rose was you. This may be as much as can be understood of our life together.

Star Carry-all Pouch

Star is a poet with the heart of a poem. When the poem is upon Star there is uplift, fervor and still, somehow, tranquility.

Present Mystery Tote Bag

There is mystery unfolding all around us. When we are aware and accepting of it, we are able to revel in the magic of it all.

Integration Tote Bag

Divine light, refracted through the mind, is like white light refracted through a prism. Thus, the lily flower emanating one divinity, the long tail swallow emanating another.

Art is a Wound Tote Bag

Art is a wound born of the rift, in us, between conscious and unconscious knowledge.

Echo of Spirit Weekender Tote Bag

The reflection of a dream in the waters of our collective unconscious.

Driven to Greed Weekender Tote Bag

Productivity is one thing, but when is enough enough?

Be at their Best Weekender Tote Bag

Riding the wave of Being all the way to the shores of Revelation.