In the Footsteps of Basho

by | Feb 19, 2022 | Concepts

Clarendon Gorge Bridge From the North end

Clarendon Gorge Bridge from the North End. Credit: PUTTYHEAD

Now the swinging bridge

Is quieted by creepers

Our tendrilled life

~Matsuo Basho

In November, I am taking the next step on a journey of a lifetime, traveling to Japan with David Whyte and Gayle Karen Young Whyte to walk from Kyoto to Tokyo.  This walk in the footsteps of Zen poets and masters like Matsuo Basho feels like it is arriving just precisely at its intended moment.

After years spent navigating the limbo of untangling relationships, readying children for launch, and building the foundation for my work in the world, I feel the call to step out onto the swinging bridge–trusting the strength of the tendrilled life I have woven to carry me across.

The last year has crystallized the KOAN philosophy you can find just beginning to emerge on this site and already it is putting down roots, and spreading its wings.

I’m excited to share the unfolding with you.  Whether you know it or not.  You are already a part of this journey.

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