Bold Ideas

A Bolder Vision  projects focus on transformational work across industries in large organizations, impact-oriented foundations, and growth-stage start-ups. We especially love working with women and girls who are ready to make big things happen in their lives.


What if the best new companies were funded by radical generosity and an unwavering belief in the power of the organization to make lasting difference in the world? What if there were a network specifically designed to help woman-led businesses launch in a community of radical support and compassionate connection?

SheEO, founded by Vicki Saunders and rolling out to more and more communities this year, aims to make that bold vision a reality. A Bolder Vision partnered with SheEO and a group of radically awesome women across the Denver metro and around the US area to bring the model here. In 2016 we raised over $500,000 and funded 5 woman-led ventures.

Are you IN?

Generative Council

The Generative Council

A multigenerational leadership community of generous and wildly diverse women in nature, exploring personal leadership development resources. Support for your vision and time to redirect your energy toward nature-based learning, inviting breakthrough creativity and clarity—with tangible next steps for your work.

Admission to the council happens on a rolling basis and we invite you to explore whether this growing community is right for you–and help us spread the word!

Emerging Women

Emerging Women

This amazing community brings together brilliant women from all over the world to create new leadership paradigms and support the rise of leaders who embrace radiant, feminine qualities across all sectors of society.

Their annual events bring together some of the foremost thought leaders of our time and together we are re-writing the rules for leadership development and organizational impact.

Designing Our Secure Future

Designing Our Secure Future

All over the world, women and children are at disproportionate risk in conflict zones, and peace efforts are disproportionately successful when women are at the table to shape solutions.  Working in partnership with Our Secure Future, a program of the One Earth Future Foundation, and the Nobel Women’s Initiative, we are helping craft a bolder vision for a more peaceful future.