Jen and Alex at Meow Wolf Denver

About the Artists

Jen Simpson and Alex Stein found one another’s art in the middle of a global pandemic, though their work has been traveling a similar path for many years.  They believe that sometimes the simplest ideas and images can provoke a bold vision that inspires us to (re)imagine our ways of being.

We were inspired to build this site in order to make it easier for artists and creatives to bring the power of transformative art to the world.  Over time, we hope to attract other like-minded artists and makers and have more and more of the products featured here produced by independent artisans.

If you resonate with the art on this site, or want to be involved in growing the community, please click here to contact us.  We’d love to hear from you.

j. lyn simpson is an artist, entrepreneur, and idealist whose vision includes the integration of creativity and spiritual inquiry as catalysts for personal and collective transformation. She has dedicated her life and career to improving lives, strengthening communities, and adding value to organizations. She has a PhD in Organizational Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder and has spent decades writing, teaching, and growing leaders who have a bold vision for realizing the full potential of being human. When she isn’t working with mission-driven leaders to amplify their impact, leading her team, or raising her family, she enjoys exploring life’s persistent questions through art, poetry, and creative writing, and spending as much time in nature as she can conjure.


Founder and Chief Visionary

Alex in British Columbia

Wandering Poet and Artist-at-Large

a.m. stein is a lifelong lover of poetry and wisdom writings. He found his way to the visual arts through the study of Zen Buddhism with its emphasis on tenets of simplicity, clarity, and kindness. He received his PhD in Writing and Literature from the University of Denver and is the author or editor of several books and articles. He spends his days nurturing his creative pursuits, enjoying the pleasures of watching his adult children become ever more fully themselves, and wandering the world in search of inspiration.

With special thanks to Dario Paniagua, an Argentinian artist living in Italy, who intuitively understood the KOAN vision and helped render it with his gifted hand.