Why A Bolder Vision?

A Bolder Vision, by design, is a small woman-led practice focusing on purpose-driven projects that can make an immediate, powerful difference in people’s lives.

We bring experience across a wide range of sectors and industries to our work, and understand the personal and professional challenges of senior executives, non-profit leaders, and entrepreneurs. We also know first-hand the joys and struggles of being the first (or only) woman at the table and the unique tensions inherent in navigating the many demands on our lives.

At A Bolder Vision, we can partner deeply with people and projects who may not need a big firm, but can’t afford not to get the kind of counsel that only comes from deep experience and an unwavering commitment to helping you realize your vision.

“If your project and passions align with my desire to contribute in the world, we can have a lot of fun making a big difference together.”

Hello! I’m Jen.

I help people find clarity where there is confusion, tap into as-yet undiscovered (or long-forgotten) talents, and make a bigger, bolder difference in the world.

Having spent 20 + years working all over the world in organizations and communities of all shapes and sizes.  I’ve been blessed to work in some of the biggest brands and with people dedicated to making a big difference. I have loved working in big organizations and systems to make big visions real, and know that every success starts with deeply committed people.

Now, I’m living my Bold Vision and dedicating my time to working with mission-driven organizations and individuals looking to make bold changes in their lives and in their work. 

Jen’s Background

I have dedicated my life and career to improving lives, strengthening communities, and adding value to organizations. I have also been responsible for developing innovative customer solutions both on a global and individual scale, and keeping work on the cutting edge of business and science.

My specialty is in translating organizational vision into practice, and helping leaders build on and strengthen their own capacity in times of transition. My lifework is to create a world where individuals thrive in healthy, rewarding, and successful organizations and communities. I am an author and editor of two books and multiple journal articles and book chapters.

My varied background includes more than twenty years of experience working in and with organizations across the private, public, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors to create more meaningful and effective ways of living and working together; more than a decade of teaching university courses in communication and leadership disciplines; and a lifetime of bridging worlds in a way that capitalizes on the best in organizations to enhance creativity and stimulate whole system learning.

I have developed and delivered high-ROI projects in business areas including: Finance, Human Resources, R & D, Regulatory Affairs, Service Operations, IT, Global Operations, and Executive Management in a wide range of Fortune 500, Educational, and Global Philanthropic organizations.

If education matters to you, I hold a B.S. in communication and psychology from Syracuse University, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Organizational Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I retain an adjunct faculty appointment. If it doesn’t matter as much, I’ve also spent 25+ years living and learning from people, organizations, and their unique passions and challenges.

I’ve also climbed mountains, ridden a bicycle across the Continental divide, danced like no one was watching (even when they were), visited dozens of countries on five continents, laughed (and cried) with friends, cheered my children’s successes, and picked them up and dusted them off after defeats, navigated the ups and downs of an 18+ year partnership and lots of other very human things!