The two important things I did learn were that you are as powerful and strong as you allow yourself to be, and that the most difficult part of any endeavor is taking the first step, making the first decision.

~Robyn Davidson

Getting started is the hard part.  

Not because the doing itself is hard–often having clear steps to take makes it easier–but because it requires a commitment in the direction of one thing and away from another, perhaps more familiar one.

Living into one’s Bold Vision takes courage and resolve and a willingness to let go of the ways and habits that no longer serve our direction or our vision.

Much about that first step can be exhilarating as possibilities for the future begin to crystallize and become more tangible, but the pull of the familiar is strong and so making that first bold move often requires an element of surrender and letting go too.

Once a decision is made in the direction of something new, I’ve found a few things that can help ease that process of release:

  • Don’t overthink it. Sure, having a plan is valuable, but in those early days, experimentation is more valuable than planning since the former comes from the unknown and the latter comes from the familiar.  Letting ourselves NOT KNOW can feel unfamiliar, but its where the good stuff comes from.
  • Believe it is possible. The surest way to fail is to assume it can’t be done or that somehow you aren’t enough.  Many grand visions have fallen down because their stewards were waiting for just the right moment, a little more experience, enough affirmation etc.  Just begin.
  • Say it out loud.  You’ll hear this from me a lot.  Speaking our truth out loud helps us believe it, and tunes our attention to things that will help make it real.  Language shapes our reality, so the things we talk about, and how we talk about them matter.  Tell your story as though its already true, and watch it come alive.
  • Make it tangible. This might seem like a contradiction of my first point, but while over-engineering to the point of paralysis is NOT helpful, breaking your first steps down into concrete actions and having simple moves to make in the direction of your vision can make all the difference. Our StoryMap can help you break the loftiest goals down into practical actions that build energy and make it fun.
  • Hold yourself accountable.  Having a friend, business partner, or coach who knows what you are up to and can serve as an accountability partner can be a great help.  Many people can fill this role, but they should be someone who both believes unwaveringly in your success, and won’t just tell you what you want to hear.  You need to find someone who can hold up the mirror and help you both celebrate successes and push through obstacles.

If you need help setting goals, taking the first step, or figuring out who can best support and hold you accountable, schedule a free consultation with us today.